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Pharmacist Digital Engagement

Disease Resource Center Microsites

We custom build Disease Resource Centers with guaranteed engagements.

  • Cost Per Engagement (CPE) pricing model
  • Credible and unique content environments
  • Option to integrate branded or unbranded assets with guaranteed views
  • Behavior-based triggered branded Emails available to drive action
  • Creative segmentation and sequential messaging
  • Ability to create KOL videos in partnership with major academic institutions
  • Access to full range of Pharmacists and Technicians (retail and/or health systems)
  • Comprehensive engagement metrics provided including time spent and pathing

Here's how the user flow works...

An e-Pharm/alert® unbranded e-Newsletter is sent to the targeted Pharmacists. Once they click on an article of interest, an interstitial brand asset (optional) will be automatically served. When the Pharmacists are done viewing the brand asset, they will be taken to the home page with your banner ads. Optional behavior-based branded triggered Emails can be sent afterwards.