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N.P./alert® & P.A./alert®

4 out of 5 surveyed are aware of the N.P./alert® and P.A./alert® brands

Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants see patients and prescribe millions of prescriptions annually. They are experts in patient counseling and are increasingly important in the healthcare delivery system. Eager to receive and share important healthcare information, mail and electronic programs are excellent tactics to reach them.

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**Did you know?

  • N.P.s interact with almost 600 million patients a year
  • N.P.s write 556 million prescriptions a year
  • N.P.s can write prescriptions in all 50 States
Readership Pie Chart


**Did you know?

  • P.A.s interact with approximately 300 million patients a year
  • P.A.s write 333 million prescriptions a year
  • P.A.s can write prescriptions in all 50 States

*Research Now™ NP and PA Study, October 2014
**American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Academy of Physician Assistants, Practicing Clinicians Exchange